Blogs that fuel my Wanderlust

I love reading travel blogs, although, they are not helping me in my attempt to cure my Wanderlust Feeling. If anything, Travel blogs make me want to ditch my job, pack my bag and just travel endlessly, visiting countries far and wide, experiencing everything the world has to offer. 

There are probably millions of different travel bloggers on the internet, but I have got a select few who I do love to read. These are also the blogs that I have been using to plan my 6 week European Holiday for 2017. Any places I want information about, what activities can be done in different towns and cities and what countries are great to visit, these blogs are my first port of call. 

As I have never been traveling before, these blogs have also been a useful in the personal preparation for this trip. What traveling gear will be the best to take, where to look for cheap travel, how to save money and much more. 

Wing of an Aeroplane
People sat by a waterfall

Without trying to go on too much about how much I love these blogs, here are my favourite travel bloggers.

World Of Wanderlust 

World Of Wanderlust was the first ever travel blog that I came across. Brooke Saward has covered possibly everything that you could ever want to know about traveling around the world. Not only does Brooke share all her travel stories, she also shares blogging tips, food recipes, travel tips and all the information you could need about different countries and cities. 

The Savvy Backpacker

The Savvy Backpacker has been a recent discovery, but has had such a huge impact in the planning process for my European trip. On this blog, you can find anything and everything needed to planning a backpacking trip. If you are considering planning a trip, you should definitely check this blog out! 

Hand Luggage Only

Yaya and Lloyd are the minds behind Hand Luggage Only. I love everything about this blog. It is written is such a friendly way, I feel like the personality of both Lloyd and Yaya really come through in their blogposts. Also, their photography is on point. The blog is loaded with information about traveling and different destinations. I also have these guys on Snapchat and they are brilliant on there. 

Flying the Nest

Major Relationship goals here! Flying the nest is one of the newest blogs within the list, but it is still amazing! With tips on how to get work abroad to fund adventures, daily vlogs showing what they are doing and some amazing photography. If you do not leave this blog wanting to travel the world with someone, well, then there is something wrong with you!


If there was an award for greatest Instagram feed, then Alyssa would win the award. Her blog is amazing too, full of information, travel hacks and photographs. But the Instagram feed is just on point! Definitely worth a follow, as it will make you seriously Wanderlust! 

There you have it, my favourite travel bloggers who are currently causing me to really want to travel, not that this is a bad thing. I really recommend you read them all. You will throughly enjoy them all. 

Do you read any travel blogs? Who are your favourites? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

*Photographs from Unsplash & Pexel*